Sunday, 31 May, 2020
Your Home Made Perfect… With Swtch

Your Home Made Perfect… With Swtch

It’s not often that small design features take centre stage on national television. But the new BBC TWO series “Your Home Made Perfect”, which has just finished its initial run of 5 programmes, did exactly that and made prime time celebs out of a stylish selection of light switches from Swtch, a new online retailer of European designer lighting accessories.

In this new Interior Design show by Remarkable Television, award-winning architects Laura Jane Clark and Robert Jamison help create perfect homes for renovating couples, assisted by Virtual Reality – a first for British TV. It proved to be a huge success with UK audiences, who loved seeing whole architects’ proposals come to life in front of the stunned home owners.

But it was also the small finishing touches in each of the episode’s finished homes, which really resonated with viewers. Details such as Swtch’s Katy Paty and THPG light switches, featured in the colourful house of Suzanne and Danny in episode 3 of the series.

We loved presenter Angela Scanlon’s face when seeing the final design including those bright yellow and turquoise porcelain switches! You can still catch up on the series on BBC iPlayer