Friday, 23 August, 2019
Woven Leather Furniture

Woven Leather Furniture

As 2019 slowly moves towards a long awaited Spring, thoughts naturally gravitate towards home improvements and a fresh look for the upcoming season. A key trend for this year, and a style thats already proving popular with Smithers of Stamford, is Woven Leather Furniture. 

Woven Leather Furniture is very much part of a new movement referred to as ‘Tough Luxe’, which is a style thats forecast to grow massively over the coming year. Tough Luxe is a trend that carries a subtle industrial sense of strength and masculinity, yet the luxuriousness of space and minimalism. Woven Leather Furniture is the epitome of this definition. 

The genuine tan leather is expertly woven, smooth as butter and resides upon a mango wood frame. To date, Smither’s Woven Leather Collection is available in both a tan and white finish and both are equally sublime. The tan offers a warm, classic approach, whilst the white pieces guarantee a look as fresh as the Springtime sunshine. 

The Woven Leather Headboard, Bench and Lazy Chair are the key pieces for a bedroom look that oozes effortless style. Adorn with natural sheepskins, plenty of foliage, not to mention a splash of gold detailing, and you’ve nailed this up and coming trend beautifully. 

Stay ahead of the fashion game this Spring with Woven Leather Furniture. 

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