Tuesday, 20 April, 2021
WFH Store Deskmate Sees 200% Growth Since Lockdown

WFH Store Deskmate Sees 200% Growth Since Lockdown

With Coronavirus forcing firms to quickly adopt staff working from home and reportedly 50% of the UK workforce to be working remotely by the end of 2020 (here), Deskmate’s online business has flourished over the last month. Their online store enables workers to cherry-pick affordable furniture to improve working from home set-ups.  

Originally launched in 2017, Ashley Lockwood and Arthur Maisonnier co-founded the brand selling affordable standing desks. Having been rejected at work due to the cost and size implications of current options, they set about bringing an affordable product to market. 

Fast forward 3 years and over 10,000 units sold worldwide, the pair are relaunching the Deskmate store as a ‘WFH Shop’, aiming to give every worker the opportunity to improve their home office, be it the kitchen table, home office, or bedside table.

– The company sell ergonomic standing desks, laptop stands, productivity journals, electric desks from deskmate.co, helping workers achieve better posture and productivity, whatever the current set up.

– The new store aims to align with the upward trend in working from home, health and wellness and the team have endeavoured to make the store as affordable as possible, whilst creating products and services that everyone can use. 

– Deskmate are planning to target growth in flexible working and working from home. 

Ashley Lockwood, Deskmate founder said, ‘our product range has always suited workers that are either freelance or based from home and interest in our business has grown over 200% since the government’s current restrictions. Our goal remains the same, to help workers be more productive, healthy and work better throughout the day.’ 

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