Tuesday, 12 November, 2019
Weave Some Lighting Magic

Weave Some Lighting Magic

Modish Living launch NEW natural lighting collection

Modish Living’s new natural lighting collection brings the outdoors inside and taps into the current trend for nature-inspired aesthetics in the home. From oversized bamboo and wondrous wicker pendants to woven rattan and joyful jute hanging lights, these bright and beautiful new pieces will lighten up the home.

Natural fibres like bamboo, rattan and other woven grasses add a wonderful element of textured detail to a room and provide a sense of carefree charm wherever they are used.  Overwork the look and you risk turning your home into a kitsch Tiki bar but used sparingly as accents that blend well with the interior scheme you already have and this stylish and sustainable material will add an easy elegance.

Due to the very nature of the materials and the organic shapes, these pendants will cast beautiful patterns of light onto walls and floors as it filters through the slats, creating an eye-catching shadowplay and a soft, subtle glow. There’s a distinct lack of ceremony to this new lighting collection. From a bohemian feel in the bedroom to a casual atmosphere in the kitchen, Modish Living’s new natural pendants and hanging lights will do more than effortlessly illuminate your space.

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