Friday, 29 May, 2020
Weatherproof Outdoor Lighting For All Seasons

Weatherproof Outdoor Lighting For All Seasons

Outdoor lampions, that’s just something for the summer… Far from it. Now you can also enjoy this atmospheric lighting in the autumn and winter in the garden or on the terrace: thanks to weatherproof Barlooons! May we present our stylish lampions “made in Germany”, which are extremely robust and weatherproof thanks to high-quality materials. Their production was specially adapted to climatic conditions in Europe.

The romantic atmosphere of an autumn evening can be captured wonderfully with a few orange barlooons. This attractive outdoor Indian Summer style decoration is particularly harmonious when arranged together with plump pumpkins and colourful leaves. The noble Barlooon lampions in white or cream, on the other hand, fit well into almost wintry landscapes and radiate peace and quiet. 

Thanks to their individual design, the Barlooons are real eye-catchers, illuminated as well as unlit. They are all handmade – one of the reasons for their high quality. An almost invisible stainless steel ground spike makes it easy to place them in the ground. For various effects, hanging the lampions in large or small trees, on strong shrubs, pavilions, tents, on the roof, on stretched lines, etc. is also possible. The lighting is provided either by an LED solar module or a wired lighting solution. Alternatively, almost any other commercially available light source adapted to the place of use is also possible. The Barlooon lampion is available in three different sizes and five colours: white, cream, yellow, orange, red. The outdoors can shine so beautifully – with Barlooons!

Temperature resistance of the material:
Resistance to cold down to -30°C
Resistance to heat up to +70°C

All processed metal elements are made of stainless steel.
The material of the Barlooon lampions is weatherproof PVC / PES weighing 375g/m².

Recommended retail prices
Barlooon S – diameter 30 cm – RRP EUR 145.00
Barlooon M – diameter 50 cm – RRP EUR 185.00
Barlooon L – diameter 70 cm – RRP EUR 245.00

Lighting and mounting set – RRP EUR 24.95
LED solar module – RRP EUR 49.50
Ground spike – RRP EUR 49.50

Technical data and details
Available sizes and weights:
Small: Ø 30 cm / weight: approx. 440 g
Medium: Ø 50 cm / weight: approx. 1060 g
Large: Ø 70 cm / weight: approx. 1800 g

Available colours:
white, cream, yellow, orange, red