Friday, 24 May, 2019
Warm Up The Home This Autumn

Warm Up The Home This Autumn

Autumn is here. Images of jumpers, jackets, hot chocolate, and of course, falling leaves leap into mind. All of these images relate to one thing: warmth. The cosy feelings of Autumn are unmatched by any other season. It’s this time of year that the home screams for these warm feelings, prepping for the real cold to come when winter rolls around.

Mirroring the changing colours of the falling leaves outside, the typical colours of Autumn are shades of yellows, reds, and oranges. In the home, this translates to mustard, burnt orange, and crimson. These colours feel new and exciting without being overwhelming. But Autumn has so many more colours on display too. Take a walk through the park or venture into the woods and discover more grounded, earthy tones such as greys, browns, greens, and blacks. These tones complement the beautiful fallen leaves and enhance the warmth, really making those iconic colours pop.

Create serenity in the home by bringing nature’s palette inside the home. Combine the earthy tones with the warmer colours to create a magical Autumn forest feel inside. Add greenery such as potted plants or flower to really bring the look alive and brighten your designs ready for the coming winter. The best thing about Autumn colours is that they’ll never feel out of place. From the coldest winter night to the hottest summer day these tones will work in the home year round.  

This style encompasses more than colours, the right textures help create the perfect Autumn vibes too. Take for example leather, a single leather armchair can warm up an entire room, especially when paired with comfortable blankets and pillows.   

Cult Furniture’s range of Autumn coloured upholstered chairs will spice up an interior and create the feelings of cosiness that balance out the short days and colder nights.

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