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Wardrobes And Walk-In Closets 2018

Wardrobes And Walk-In Closets 2018

Design Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre

The last frontier for customization, and a key ingredient of Porro material research, is the idea of intervening with soft fabric parts which are placed inside the Storage system of wardrobes, open wardrobes and walk-in closets, transformed into true precious chests where one can place one’s clothes and objects. The bright star of the Porro offering, the Storage system, achieves new effects creating action which is synergistic with illumination: thanks to the introduction of a completely integrated system of illumination, light spots can be freely placed, giving life to luminous settings in the name of clean sight lines, the absence of wires, and safety. Aligned with the Porro philosophy of careful research on finishings and meticulous care for every small specific detail, the new built-in metal handle with leather covering is making its debut, embellishing the door that wears it. These evolutions are often imperceptible and silent, which narrates how the Porro project is able to proceed toward an increasingly more effective marriage of technological avant-garde and simplicity by subtraction as well.


Holding one’s clothes and giving life to a secret room in one’s home, the Storage Dressing Room is shown here for the first time with a total look in ecalyptus, a strongly expressive brown finish. Conjugated in a large angular composition, it alternates moduled closed by Iron doors in transparent glass with a burnished brass profile, which leave visible tortora eco-leather soft backrests in a haute-couture spirit, along with wooden open modules embellished by eco-leather shelves, providing pleasant tactile sensations. At the center of the wardrobe, the Acquario central drawer unit appears in transparent glass with burnished brass frame finishing, divided into 3 shelves and customizable with wooden pull-out reduced drawers which leave the contents visible.


A small bourgeois-taste universe is created by the open Storage wardrobe in eucalyptus melamine, highly expressive brunette finish, personalized with soft gray fabric covered back panels, eco-leather shelves and interior lights which turns into a sculpture object on the wall.


The Hinged Storage wardrobe encloses Black Sugi interiors and grey fabric covered back panels with Block glass doors with lock, to protect one’s most valuable clothes and personal accessories. Among its modules with enlightened shelves, a Modern + Load-it writing desk is carved out with burnished brass, lacquered or mirror wall panels and a Modern suspended shelf in black stained hemlock: a vanity niche to dedicate to oneself, comfortably resting on the Draped Chair by Front, the small, ultra-feminine armchair which is as delicate as a drape in light blue linen fabric.


The Hinged Storage wardrobe bears thick 32S doors, offered for the first time not in the wooden but in the tortora lacquered version, with new built-in metal handle with leather covering, narrating the story of Porro’s meticulous attention to each small detail. Its stride is interrupted by a niche in which the Load-it bookcase with brass shelves is entirely covered in grey fabric, accessorized with a Modern shelf in mongoi on which to place a television.


The timeless charm of Hinged Storage wardrobe designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre is closed by foca leather covered doors, Boite Aux built-in handles, that seduce because of their discrete signature.


An elegant graphical cage, Boutique Mast is characterized by thin circular metal uprights on which it is possible to hang mirrors and large cantilever “glider wing” shelves. Light and airy, is selected with Iron uprights and open elements in pale moon essence with carta da zucchero interiors. A high aesthetic impact solution which, in the night area, becomes a minimal walk-in closet for a boutique or for the home of a hedonist, and in the day area becomes an open container, writing surface and large bookshelf.

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