Saturday, 20 April, 2019
Very Simple Kitchen

Very Simple Kitchen

On the occasion of the Bologna Design Week, the metal kitchen startup presented the new VERY SIMPLE KITCHEN 2019 models.

Very Simple Kitchen kitchens are designed to meet the latest trends in living: they are nomadic kitchens, able to adapt to the needs of the home and able to expand in the event of moving house. They are made of sheet steel (galvanized and powder coated). The system is very durable and easy to assemble / disassemble.

The concept provides a new shopping experience for the world of kitchens: a website where you can configure and order the pieces, and then assemble them autonomously and simply directly at home. The launch of e-commerce is scheduled for the end of 2018, at the moment it is still possible to request estimates and purchase customized forms by writing to

Among the new finishes we find wine colors, dark blue and opaque shades and for the worktops very popular “terrazzo” and pastel colored concrete. You can see all the details on Instagram, where @verysimplekitchen is very active.

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