Sunday, 22 September, 2019
UK Design News: Eikund Unearth Norwegian Furniture Classics And Showcase Collection In London For The First Time

UK Design News: Eikund Unearth Norwegian Furniture Classics And Showcase Collection In London For The First Time

Introducing Eikund, a new Norwegian furniture company bringing their collection of furniture classics to UK this April.

An installation at Domus Clerkenwell opening on 2ndApril will officially launch Eikund to UK audiences and celebrate its never been seen before collection of furniture classics, unearthed from Norwegian design archives. 

Eikund’s Mission:

Throughout 2015 Eikund founders Morten Hippe, Frode Tingbo, and Jorgen Tengesdal went treasure hunting across the country rummaging attics and archives to discover Norway’s hidden furniture gems. They talked, traveled and drink copious cups of coffee on a mission to highlight Norway’s forgotten design history. 

Like every well-executed plan, Eikund have succeeded in their quest to bring to light the lost classics of Norwegian design history for the world to see and love once again. Putting into reproduction once more long-lost pieces such as the Krysset chair designed in 1955 by Fredrik Kayser andthe Evja table designed in 1958 by Torben Bekken. 

The iconography of Isbjorn:

Isbjorn the white satin lacquered polar bear collectable is a physical pictogram of the Eikund brand. It defines the stories Eikand want to tell about Norwegian design history over the coming years and is the very representation of its rich design history. The story of the creation of Isbjorn is very special: In 1955 designer Arne Tjomsland got the inspiration to create Isbjorn from his time reading Polar literature as a child during time spent at the Zoological Museum in Oslo where his father was proprietor from 19XX to 19XX. Isbjorn has been put into reproduction exclusively and is available directly though Eikund in white satin lacquered alder.

The island of Eigeroya:

The company name has been taken from the island Eigerøya located on the western coast of Norway. Eigerøya’s first name was Eikund and it is one of the oldest place-names in the country. For a long time the island was lush with oak trees, in Norwegian called “eik”, hence the name Eikund. The company name mirrors the main material used in their furniture production and represents and its proximity to the factory. It roots the company to its new existence going forward.

International projects in the spotlight: The Amerikalinjen hotel

The brand new Amerikalinjen hotel designed by Helsinski-based Puroplan, occupies one of Oslo’s most recognisable 20thcentury buildings, the former headquarters for the Norwegian America Line. This surprisingly intimate 122-room property is layered with equal doses of subtle nostalgic references and forward-thinking design. 

One design highlight is a bespoke black version of Fluffy which has been specifically commissioned by the hotels owners, Petter Stordalen of Nordic Hotels & Resorts. The hotel’s guestrooms are fitted out with an assortment of iconic pieces from Eikund from the 1950s and 60s. This includes Torbjørn Bekken’s graceful Evja lounge tables and Veng armchair; the striking Hertug and Fluffy chairs, both designed by Fredrik Kayser.