Saturday, 22 February, 2020
UK Design Company Announce Innovative Reversible Glass Vase

UK Design Company Announce Innovative Reversible Glass Vase

This month sees the launch of Block Design’s Reversible Vase. 

Hand-crafted from borosilicate laboratory glass, the vase can be used one way for a full arrangement or turned around to display a single stem. 

Available in 4 carefully selected colours; blue, green, pink and grey, the vase is designed to be visually appealing whether filled or empty.

Block Design founder and lead designer Tara Ashe said:

“The dual-purpose allows you to make the most of your bouquet. As flowers start to fade, flip the vase and breathe new life into the remaining stems.” 

Tara worked with her friend and florist Phillip Corps to gain an insight into the art of flower arranging. Phil’s work regularly appears on the small and big screen and he is a favourite at the Chelsea in Bloom festival. 

Tara said:

“Phil’s insight proved invaluable at the start of the design process, guiding us through the history of floristry and discussing the challenges he faces when creating an arrangement.

Flowers are a great way to bring up-to-date trends into your home without committing to larger pieces. Interacting with flowers and inviting nature in the home also provides a positive stimulus for mental health.”

The Reversible Glass Vase has an RRP of £38.00 and is available to purchase at The vase measure 250 x 85mm.

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