Wednesday, 17 July, 2019
Trame Collection – In-es.artdesign

Trame Collection – In-es.artdesign

The house is dressed with sartorial light

Design embroiders suggestive patterns of textiles and bright flashes of light

Ateliers are not the only laboratories where tailoring takes place: even a lamp can become a bright “dress” of precious manufacture. The new collection Trame, designed by the artist/ designer Oçilunam for In-es.artdesign, is a family of lamps created with handcrafted techniques, typical of designer clothing.

art of the lamps are characterized by an entirely handmade knitted fabric structure, made solid and fire-resistant by resin. Thanks to this expedient, the hat maintains the look of knitted textile, but if touched, it is solid and resistant. The atmosphere that the lamp gives the room, by creating a suggestive “crochet effect” of light and shadow, is extraordinary, cozy and intense. It is possible to color the suspension by choosing one of the tints proposed for the viscose, covering the electrical wire (blue, red, yellow, gold, white, fluorescent orange).

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