Monday, 10 August, 2020
Tom Raffield Launches Customisable Pendant Lighting Systems Promoting Creativity And Sustainable Design Choices.

Tom Raffield Launches Customisable Pendant Lighting Systems Promoting Creativity And Sustainable Design Choices.

With an experimental studio and workshop space set in South West Cornwall, Tom Raffield designs are synonymous with nature; each product is hand-shaped using sustainable wood and created as sculptural pieces of art using a pioneering form of steam bending.

Tom Raffield’s new collection, the Cluster Lighting Range, launches on 27th September 2019 and features eight of the brands most iconic, recognisable steam bent lighting pendants, but with an unexpected design twist.

“The Cluster Lighting Range showcases our signature steam bent curves and recognisable design aesthetic in a whole new light. Offering fixtures with an array of customisable elements allows our customers to get creative when designing their own lighting pieces and ensures that they take home a unique lighting fixture they will treasure for years to come.

Our Cluster Lighting Range caters for a range of specifications – each system is tailor made from our hand crafted, iconic pendants and can be easily adapted at home to ensure it suits any ceiling height or space”

Founder, Tom Raffield.

Stand outs of the new range include the Skipper Pendant – Trio Cluster Large whose curvaceous, sough-after silhouette casts shadows that dance upon ceilings and walls.

Other key pieces include the No.1 Pendant Small – Trio Cluster and Keel Pendant – Trio Cluster, innovative pendant systems that yield impressive task lighting when illuminated and become sculptural works of art when switched off.

The new collection includes:

Skipper Pendant – Trio Cluster Large
Undulating loops of ash, oak or walnut wood soar together. Gracefully suspended from a matte, powder coated top plate, a trio of our sought-after Skipper Pendants twirl and twist together casting bold shadows upon ceilings and walls

 Skipper Pendant Small – Trio Cluster
Hand crafted from sustainably sourced European timber and assembled using a dry construction process by our skilled team of makers, the Skipper Pendant Small – Trio Cluster showcases responsible design at its very best. 

Urchin Pendant Range – Trio Cluster Large
A trio of pendants from our iconic Urchin Lighting Range gracefully cascade to create pools of brightness in the dark. Beams of light escape through the seams of ninety-six lengths of fused ash, oak or walnut wood producing slithers of delicate, eye catching warmth.

Urchin Pendant Small – Trio Cluster
Designed to ensure that the light bulb inside is completely concealed behind curving wooden petals, our Urchin Pendants create a dynamic cluster ceiling light that suits those who prefer soft, ambient light. 

Arame Pendant Small – Trio Cluster Large
Elemental, geometric, sequential. A trio of Small Arame Pendants pivot and descend from a single matte white or black ceiling kit to form a swooping spectacle. 

Keel Pendant – Trio Cluster
Steamed in just one isolated section, a wide piece of oak or walnut timber is arched by hand into choreographed formation and held with three, reflective brass rivets. Creating three slender funnels of diffused down light, the Keel Pendant – Trio Cluster brings refined beauty in its numbers. 

No.1 Pendant Small – Trio Cluster
The No.1 Pendant Small – Trio Cluster marries form and function. Featuring three sculptural spheres of ash, oak or walnut wood handcrafted from sustainably sourced timber, this cluster ceiling light boasts an intense, captivating aesthetic and is sure to become a unique focal point in your space. 

No.1 Pendant Range – Trio Cluster Large
Steam bent, hand twisted and assembled into a nest of infinite bends, each individual No.1 Pendant distributes a sculptural mix of light and shadow across your space, wherever you choose to position it.

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