Friday, 23 August, 2019
The Robin Bird Seed Gift Box From Boxwild

The Robin Bird Seed Gift Box From Boxwild

Surviving the British winter is tough for many species of wildlife, especially for birds like the Robin. Leaving out a regular source of food can help protect them and ensure they make it through to spring.

So why not give our red-breasted friend a little helping hand this winter with the Robin Bird Seed Gift Box from Boxwild. As Robins are synonymous with Christmas, this would make a lovely gift for a nature lover this festive season.

The gift box contains a handy seed scoop and two of Boxwild’s hand-blended seed mixes. The Robin Bird Seed Blend, which has been designed with the red-breasted bird’s nutrition in mind, contains 9 seed types including White Millet, Hemp Seed and Black Rapeseed.

The gift box also comes with a pack of the Boxwild Bird Seed Blend, which contains 10 different seeds and will nourish other garden birds too.

Beautifully presented in one of Boxwild’s seed-printed gift boxes, this is the perfect gift for a Robin lover, especially at Christmas time!  

Robin Bird Seed Gift Box – £16.00