Friday, 23 August, 2019
The Cute Christmas Gift – Dressing Gowns For Dachshunds

The Cute Christmas Gift – Dressing Gowns For Dachshunds

Ruff and Tumble have launched a new ‘tweenie’ size of dressing gown for Dachshunds, expanding the range for this breed alone to three sizes in three colours. Now mini, tweenie and standard sausage dogs can be dried quickly after bathing and wet winter walks. In Brick Red, Sandringham Blue and Bottle Green, dapper dogs from 4-14kg can be dried in style. Mabel, below, is wearing a tweenie size in Bottle Green, costing £36.50 plus P&P.

The dressing gown has a twin layer of natural cotton towelling which wicks wet away, and a wide belly flap that dries that low undercarriage. Cut high around the broad shoulders, the drying coat is specially designed to prevent tripping. Velcro fastening maximizes ease of use and doggy comfort. A deep collar can be folded back or rolled up to form a hoody to dry those cute ears.

The new tweenie size increases the total number of Ruff and Tumble dressing gown sizes to 14. Dogs from 1kg, such as Chihuahuas, to 80+ kg, such as Great Danes, can now be dried in comfort and style.

Cute, practical, stylish and useful, the Ruff and Tumble Dressing Gown is a Christmas present for you and your dog.

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