Tuesday, 25 June, 2019
The 2019 Colour Of The Year In Interiors

The 2019 Colour Of The Year In Interiors

Warm, positive and at the same time expressive and intriguing. The Pantone 2019 color of the year is a combination of juicy tangerine with a delicate, soft peach. It sounds appetizing, and it looks even more luscious in interiors!​

Every year in December, Pantone prepares something special for us – an announcement which the entire world of fashion and design awaits, as well as all those who know that color matters. This time the Institute specializing in setting color trends focused on a bold shade that is meant to remind us of the real and the authentic in a world where social media and technology set the rhythm of life. The naturally occurring, flashy color allows us to commune with the amazing nature hidden in the depths of the oceans, at the same time being close to what we see on the screens of our smartphones and computers.

To facilitate the use of coral in everyday life – while choosing a wardrobe or interior design, Pantone has prepared 5 color palettes that bring out the best in all of them. Among them, we find various combinations – from warm pastels associated with a sunset (the Shimmering Sunset palette), through psychedelic colors (Trippy), to neutral colors of the earth, warmed up by coral (Focal Point).

Living Coral is a great choice for a child’s room – it attracts attention, but it does not vex or overwhelm, it also improves the mood and warms up space, encouraging carefree fun.

This appetizing, vibrant and unpretentious shade will surely conquer many hearts and decorate many apartments, bringing freshness and vitality to any interior.

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