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Stir-Up Sunday (25Th November) Staples With Silverwood Bakeware

Stir-Up Sunday (25Th November) Staples With Silverwood Bakeware

The best of British Bakeware for a great British tradition. 

It’s a great British tradition which marks the countdown to Christmas, so what better way to celebrate than with the best of British bakeware?

Stir Up Sunday is the last Sunday before advent – 25thNovember 2018 – when tradition states that families gather together to stir the Christmas pudding. It’s the day when wishes are said to come true, so get stirring with Silverwood!

Silverwood’s Spherical Moulds promise magical moments with family and friends – plus a plump and perfect pudding! Choose from 4”, 5” and 6” sizes, each handcrafted in Birmingham UK from exceptionally strong, professional grade anodised aluminium, for the perfect pudding, every year. Like all Silverwood Bakeware, Silverwood Spherical Moulds spread heat fast and evenly, producing perfect baking in a reduced time. No more burnt bits or soggy bottoms!  

Silverwood Bakeware is for life, not just for Christmas … Silverwood Spherical Moulds are ideal for figgy pudding and traditional Christmas pudding as well as sponge puddings, novelty ball cakes, summer puddings and ice-cream bombes. With a lifetime guarantee (25 years) on Silverwood’s signature strong, professional grade alloy, coupled with British design and manufacture – by hand – Silverwood Bakeware is made to last and can be enjoyed throughout the year, for many years to come.  

Crafting a Christmas Cake? Silverwood has a host of cake tins, suitable for every occasion. Try Silverwood’s award-winning Multisize Cake Tin, which allows the baker to make square or oblong cakes of any size from 3 to 30 cm by adjusting the removable walls. Choose your size and shape for a showpiece cake or why not bake several mini cakes at the same time, to be used as puddings or special gifts?   

Here’s our tried and tested recipe for a traditional rich fruit cake – don’t forget the brandy!

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