Tuesday, 20 April, 2021
Smart, All-Year Round Heating With Stylish Gas Stoves From ACR Stoves

Smart, All-Year Round Heating With Stylish Gas Stoves From ACR Stoves

Gas stoves come in a variety of designs with flame effects that are so realistic it is hard to distinguish them from a real fire. They have increased in popularity in recent years and given their ease of operation and smart capabilities it’s not hard to see why.

All-year-round Heating 

A gas stove provides constant heat without the need to replenish firewood and temperature control makes them perfect for use all year round. On colder evenings, ACR’s gas stoves will create warmth and comfort with heat outputs of up to 6.75 kw. Thanks to clever thermostatic controls, these impressive stoves can also be enjoyed whilst emitting lower temperatures, ideal for creating a cosy ambience on milder evenings.

Design Flexibility with Easy Maintenance

ACR Stoves offer an exclusive range of gas stoves with models in both traditional and contemporary designs. A gas stove requires little maintenance and doesn’t need a chimney meaning they can be installed in any property, from new build to period home, providing a flue can be fitted. ACR’s gas stoves have three balanced flue options offering a variety of installation possibilities. Their NEO3P freestanding pedestal model, pictured above, doesn’t have to be fitted at the edge or in a corner of the room; it can be installed anywhere that a flue can be fitted offering total design flexibility. 

Ultra Realistic 

Eliminating the need to source and store firewood, ACR’s gas stoves feature realistic ceramic logs which create a captivating, true-to-life log fire effect at the flick of a switch. These convincing ceramic logs have been chosen to ensure they not only give the most impressive flame effect when lit, but also look authentic when the stove isn’t being operated. The NEO3F, pictured above, features three sides of glass offering views of the fire from almost anywhere in the room. The flame effect can be further enhanced with the addition of a LED light system which adds an authentic glow to the base of the fire. 

Smart Capabilities 

ACR’s gas stove range includes the NEO3P, NEO3F and Wychwood models, all of which are available as natural gas or LPG. These convenient stoves can be operated manually, by remote control or via a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet. When the MyFire kit is purchased, customers can download the MyFire App and set functions such as the stoves’ timer and temperature allowing them to operate their fire instantly and with ease. Other control functions include turning the fire on/off, adjusting the flame height and safety features such as activating the child-lock.

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