Saturday, 21 September, 2019

See-through Furniture from My-Furniture leaves nothing to hide!

6537a6db-ab7b-417a-9800-8105b73aec9eDon’t you ever wish you could just see who is playing footsie with you without that awkward guessing around the table? The AIRA chrome glass dining set from lets you know exactly who is being flirtatious and who is just trying to steal your leg room!

Offering a very clean modern look, the AIRA Dining Set comes with 6 EAMES style transparent chairs is completely see-through. Created by My-Furniture, the set was fabricated from 12mm thick tampered glass and supported on chrome trestle style legs.


AIRA Desk and EAMES transparent chair set

Also available in the range is the AIRA Desk which is ideal for tight spaces. Not only does it appear to take up little room, its shine adds a sleek, glossy quality to interiors. In addition, this shiny piece is perfect for rooms that showcase patterned rugs, as the colours and shapes from the floor show through the furniture.
Ideal for small apartments and homes where space is at a premium, see-through furnishings can

make a room feel bigger because they don’t take up much visual space are also stunning and stylish.  The best part is that these clear furnishings can be incorporated in any room because they don’t dictate or change a colour palette or style.


AIRA Dining table with glass table top and chrome tressle table legs.


EAMES DSR transparent chair

If you’re looking to add some sleek and futuristic pieces of decor to your home interior, then these creatively transparent furniture pieces will definitely add a unique touch to any home. From amazingly see-through chairs to creatively transparent dining tables and desks, these sleek furniture pieces will definitely have your interior spaces looking more modern and futuristic in no time.

The AIRA Dining Set with six chairs is priced at £659.99 and the AIRA Desk with chair is priced at £399.98.

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