Saturday, 22 February, 2020
Redondo Bed

Redondo Bed

design by Patricia Urquiola

This year has seen the addition of a new element to the now iconic Redondo collection from Moroso designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Alongside the armchairs, sofas and stool, Moroso this year has introduced the new Redondo bed, which features the smooth, rounded shapes of the Rodondo family. The Moroso universe is venturing forth into new living spaces and has now reached the bedroom, increasingly creating a lifestyle in its own right dedicated to every area in the home.

The Redondo family design draws its inspiration from the upholstered interiors of American automobiles from the’50s and ’60s, the smooth shapes of their bodywork, and the on-the-road comfort of those long coast-to-coast drives. To the observer, it forms the backdrop and sets the stage for the little things that occur in everyday life.

The bed’s headrest echoes the padded shell of the sofa and with its total absence of sharp corners immediately inspires us to relax.

Another feature in common with the famous collection created by the Spanish designer is the quilted decoration on the fabric, where the thread, like the lines of a pencil, draws elegant three-dimensional geometric shapes.