Saturday, 22 February, 2020
Planium, Style Paths

Planium, Style Paths

Images Provided by Heidi Lerkenfeldt

In a showroom or museum, in an atelier or an office, Planium is able to revolutionize the perception of space. Our finishes create wonder, energy that influences the rest of the environment. You can not fail to notice the attention to detail, the attention we pay to finishes and materials.

Our surfaces are unique, they leave their mark. We use metal, which is a material with the most diverse properties. Planium projects give life to customized architectural spaces thanks to contemporary floorings and claddings, suitable to underline the shapes of the most modern contexts.

Beside the traditional laying solutions, we offer systems that allow fast installations without the need to glue the plates.

And still you do not know how? MG01 Magnetic has a magnetic fixing, PL01 Invisible has a pressure fixing. SM01 Sistemamen and SM02 Evolution add the precious detail of the corner screw.

Do you need an even faster installation? AP01 Lay is the most immediate ever: it simply supports any plate that will remain stable thanks to its weight. The cork base guarantees sound absorption and preservation of the existing flooring.

Have you ever thought about the warm tones of copper, brass or bronze? Have you ever considered the heterogeneous and never predictable nuances of calamine, of oxidized metals? Have you ever walked on steel with bright reflections? Discover our wonderful catalog and start dreaming.

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