Monday, 24 June, 2019
Panaria Ceramica A stylistic Continuity Between The Inside And The Outside

Panaria Ceramica A stylistic Continuity Between The Inside And The Outside

Harmony of materials is essential to create a stylistic continuity between the inside and the outside

Since 20 mm thick Panaria products are frost proof, anti-slip, have a strong tensile strength, are long lasting and do not require any maintenance, they further enhance life in the open air with perfect solutions designed to furnish the outdoors of your home with a fully Made in Italy style. 

4279a02e-b2cf-4751-86d5-9dcd614265a4The Primestone collection amplifies the aesthetic and functional potential of Panaria’s ceramic slabs, offering new composite solutions that extend the visual continuity of these uniquely attractive surfaces.

The Chic Wood collection is adaptable to any space or intended use in both residential and commercial contexts. Chic Wood extends itself into outdoor spaces as well in its two versions for exteriors for easy application with direct installation on gravel, grass, sand, and screed.

The Horizon collection is made up of different modular formats and has a rich selection of decorations and special decors for external and internal uses. A new concept in stone ceramics is born: measured and refined in aesthetics to create a warm atmosphere that is captivating for any type of space.

Future and contemporary inspiration, from the experimentation of new architectural solutions to the smart recovery of industrial spaces: the creative spirit of Urbanature exceeds all boundaries of space and time.

The beauty of surfaces with a natural and elegant aesthetic, meets the distinctive quality of laminated porcelain stoneware, for spaces that set no limits on creativity.

Flooring with heightened technical characteristics combined with a unique and personal style, capable of adapting to every context.