Friday, 29 May, 2020
Original BTC: Chrome Is Where The Heart Is

Original BTC: Chrome Is Where The Heart Is

After years of brass, copper and bronze taking the spotlight, chrome, nickel and aluminium – silver-coloured, or cool, metals – are making a re-appearance. “Chrome’s downfall was its association with sterile, 90s-style minimalism, but it actually came to the fore in the 1930s and 1970s – both decades very much on today’s style agenda,” explains Original BTC founder Peter Bowles. 

“Consider using cool and warm-toned metals together, which will give you an eclectic look miles away from the matchy-matchy schemes we remember from chrome’s last heyday. We’ve also moved on enormously since then in terms of our interest in craft and production. We’re so much more aware of quality and finish these days, so remember if you’re choosing a plated metal, provenance is key. With plated metals such as chrome, aluminium and nickel, what lies beneath the surface is key, as mass-produced chrome-look fixtures and fittings very quickly show signs of wear.  Plating onto plastics or lesser quality metals can deteriorate quickly, while plating onto solid brass or steel gives a substantial, weighty feel and a long-lasting finish,” continues Peter.

“If you find chrome a little too shiny for you, polished nickel is a slightly darker option, while stainless steel is less shiny and more reflective. Mix with natural textures and hand-crafted elements and you’ll have a look that’s very much here to stay,” he concludes.

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