Tuesday, 20 April, 2021
Ori Bespoke Shines The Spotlight On Endangered Corals With New Table Lamp

Ori Bespoke Shines The Spotlight On Endangered Corals With New Table Lamp

The Coral Royale Table Lamp is created using the UNESCO protected art of Su Embroidery

Pei Li, founder and chief designer of luxury interiors firm Ori Bespoke, is renowned for using his platform to showcase ancient Chinese craftsmanship through his luxury table lamps and cushions. Now, he is using his designs to shine a spotlight on one of the world’s most endangered species – the coral.

Like other pieces in his unique collection, Coral Royale brings together contemporary interior styling with the Chinese art of Su Embroidery.

Resplendent in stunning pink, the delicate embroidered design contrasts beautifully against a stark white silk canvas and the warmth of the golden brass surround.

Every table lamp is individually made, with each coral motif hand-painted onto a translucent silk canvas before being hand-sewn by craftspeople who have spent decades perfecting the delicate art of Su Embroidery.

Pei said: “Most of my work is inspired by my love of contemporary interiors as well as my Eastern heritage, with many of my lamps and all of my cushions featuring motifs inspired by Chinese folklore or traditional oriental designs.

“However, there is something about the opulent beauty of corals that made me want to raise awareness of these endangered species. For me personally, the most natural way to do this was to put one at the heart of my table lamps.”

Coral Royale is a striking design that will sit beautifully among many décor styles. From sitting comfortably against natural, earthy tones to creating a striking contrast to bold, darker colours, it will truly create an impact wherever it is placed.

“When finalising the design for Coral Royale, I decided to stick with traditional pink and orange tones,” said Pei. “However, like every product in the collection, I can personalise each design in a bespoke colour palette to complement your existing décor.”