Thursday, 7 December, 2023
Next generation thermo-regulating foam bedding comes to UK

Next generation thermo-regulating foam bedding comes to UK

New Climate Collection keeps consumers in their sleep ‘comfort zone’ for longer … 

Carpenter, the largest British based manufacturer behind some of the world’s leading foam bedding products, has launched a ‘next generation’ temperature regulating bedding product – the first of its kind in the UK.

000 BEST standThe new ‘Climate Collection’ that includes memory foam mattresses, pillows and toppers is part of Carpenter’s popular  ‘sleep betterTM ’ range

Using a patented Thermic® technology the bedding responds to changes in temperature by absorbing, storing and releasing heat to keep the microclimate temperature (the temperature close to the skin) within a ‘comfort zone’ of 28-30o Celcius for longer than standard products.

Different to other cooling bedding currently available in the UK, the Climate Collection regulates temperature at the closest point to the skin thanks to a special layer on top of Carpenter’s luxurious memory foam mattress, pillow and topper products.

The special coating absorbs heat when the temperature of the microclimate (the temperature close to the skin) is above the comfort zone and releases heat if it drops below around 28 o

000 BEST pack shotGillian Finch, national sales manager for Carpenter consumer products, explained: “Temperature in bed determines how well we sleep, if we’re too hot or cold it creates discomfort that generates movement and restlessness increases. For a healthy, undisturbed night’s sleep you need to be in your ‘comfort zone’. This is where the temperature of the microclimate (the temperature close to the skin) is somewhere between 28OC and 30 OC when you sleep, so you’re neither too hot nor too cold.

“Because our new Climate Collection uses patented thermoregulation technology, with phase change microcapsules that respond to body temperature at the point closest to the skin, the new range is much more effective in keeping the temperature within this comfort zone.  It’s not just about being cool to the touch and preventing people from overheating and sweating, it’s also about maintaining warmth for comfort and an undisturbed night’s sleep.”

Carpenter’s Climate Collection will start at an RRP of £50 for a pillow.

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Climate Colection is available to retailers now with stock availability from January 2016.