Thursday, 2 July, 2020
New Year, New Ewe! – Baabara The Toilet Paper Sheep

New Year, New Ewe! – Baabara The Toilet Paper Sheep

Introducing Baabara the Toilet Paper Sheep!  

Toilet paper is the oft forgotten bit of bathroom tech that we all use daily! Those fluffy white rolls have been keeping us lovely, clean and dry since 1857. It’s a messy job, but somebody has to do it!

If you haven’t ‘herd’ already, With Baabara, your TP gets a home that ‘wool’ delight and amuse your guests! With a wonderfully quirky design, this fantastic fantastic little sheep-shaped storer holds and organises your toilet paper while looking both chic and adorable! Baabara’s design incorporates the TP rolls, giving the appearance of fluffy wool when they’re stacked on her back. We’re not flocking around, this is the absolute must have bathroom accessory of 2019! 

Red Candy is stocking this as a UK EXCLUSIVE product. We have thoroughly tested it on social media previously and after being inundated with tremendous feedback and lots of “WHERE CAN I GET IT”s. By ‘shear’ force of will, we have tracked down and now plan to offer it to the British public! We’re the first UK retailer to have this in stock. You won’t have seen this anywhere else! Sorry to ‘Ram’ the point home…

We think your readers would absolutely love this item. It’s quirky, unusual and that fantastic meeting point between functional and aesthetic design. We think Baabara is a winner! 

See Baabara here 

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