Thursday, 2 July, 2020
New Vibrant Wallpaper By Michael Zindell

New Vibrant Wallpaper By Michael Zindell

Give your room that deserving show-stopping feature wall with one of these vibrant wall murals by product designer, illustrator and creative director, Michael Zindell.

Embracing his favourite aspect of design – impact – these animal and plant designs are one of his beloved subjects. Whether you’re looking to introduce jungle vibes to your living room or bring character to the nursery, this exotic mural collection is sure to capture your eye!

With no belief in subtlety and often exaggerating and stylizing elements of whimsy and fantasy, Michael says:

“I love reducing icons to their decorative aspects and working with them to create a flowing choreography of colour and shape. It’s not so much replicating nature, as it is celebrating it.”

Want to achieve the ultimate vibrant feature wall? Explore Michael’s 4-piece mural collection exclusively at

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