Monday, 6 April, 2020


Hotpoint has launched a new range of slim line Ultima dishwashers with Super Silent technology – boasting one of the quietest slim line collections on the market.

The new Hotpoint slim line Ultima dishwashers boast a Super Silent noise level of just 43 dBA, quieter than normal conversation and even rainfall, and are one of the quietest slim line models on the market. The minimal noise level is thanks to Hotpoint’s advanced inverter motor and sound insulating panels, which dramatically reduces noise levels. 

Today’s modern homes are typically smaller, and as a result, kitchen space is at a premium. A recent survey by Hotpoint revealed that over 55 percent* of UK consumers believe they don’t have enough space for a dishwasher. The new Hotpoint Ultima dishwashers fit in a 45cm gap – the same width as a tea towel, making them perfect for smaller kitchens. 

The Hotpoint SIUF 32120 slim line dishwasher features nine programmes for total convenience, uses just nine litres of water per cycle to keep resource use to a minimum and boasts an efficient ‘A++’ energy rating. Hotpoint’s new Super Silent slim line dishwashers also feature a clever Flexipower inverter motor, using intelligent sensors to detect how dirty the dishes are, and automatically adjusting the water pressure, temperature and length of the cycle to suit the load, ensuring resource use is kept to a minimum. 

Andrea Felicetti, Category Manager, Dishwashers, for Hotpoint, commented: “Today’s trend for open plan living and entertaining friends and family at home has put more focus on appliances, especially noise levels. Hotpoint’s Super Silent technology offers a whisper quiet 43 dBA noise level, meaning conversation and sleep are never disrupted from the noise of the dishwasher, and the consumer won’t find a slim line dishwasher more silent. Being slim line, these models also save on space and fit in a small 45 cm gap – ideal for consumers with limited kitchen space.” 

Key features of the Hotpoint Ultima SIUF 32120 dishwasher:

  • Freestanding slim line dishwasher with generous 10 place-setting capacity
  • Efficient ‘A++’ energy rating with just 9 litre water consumption
  • Super Silent 43 dBA noise level thanks to an advanced brushless motor and sound insulating panels
  • Flexipower inverter motor with sensor system: automatically regulates the intensity of cleaning accordingly to the degree of soil 
  • Flexiload for maximum internal flexibility, featuring height adjustable baskets, folding removable glass supports, fully folding plate racks and vertical pan holder
  • 9 programme options; Auto Intensive, Auto Normal, Delicates, Eco, Express 25′, Good Night, Shortime, Soak and Ultra Intensive
  • Hygiene+ package, featuring patented 4-stage water filtration and a tough, long lasting stainless steel interior offers effective, hygienic cleaning power that keeps bacteria at bay whilst improving drying results 
  • Additional 24h water safety guard to prevent flooding even when the machine is off
  • Dual space allows the user to adjust the height of the top basket for total flexibility for large items in one quick and easy movement, even at full load
  • Premium stainless steel handles on the interior baskets 
  • 1-24 hour start delay
  • Digital user interface
  • Counter balanced door for maximum safety and practicality
  • RRP from £329.99
  • Available in white, black and stainless steel
  • Dimensions: H850 x W450 x D600 (mm) 

For more information about the Hotpoint dishwashers visit or call 03448 240 055.