Saturday, 20 April, 2019
New Hotpoint ActiveCare Tumble Dryers Keep Clothes Looking Their Best

New Hotpoint ActiveCare Tumble Dryers Keep Clothes Looking Their Best

To complement the ActiveCare range of washing machines, Hotpoint has launched a new range of ActiveCare tumble dryers that take care of clothes by reducing wear out by up to 40 per cent1.

The 8 kg ActiveCare tumble dryer (NT M11 82XB) better protects clothes by utilising a careful combination of Anti-Stress Movements, alongside Perfect Temperature Control, to reduce the production of lint and prevent clothes from wearing out by up to 40 per cent1.

Anti-Stress Movements ensure that as the load dries, items cling to the side of the tumble dryer’s drum. This action minimises chafing and better protects the clothes from wearing out. In addition, Perfect Temperature Control closely monitors, and precisely controls, the temperature of the tumble dryer. The consistent temperature of the tumble dryer, coupled with the reduction of the clothes’ movements, ensures clothes are better taken care of and helps to keep them looking their best for longer.

In addition to the ActiveCare programme, the tumble dryer (NT M11 82XB) allows the user to tailor the drying cycle to their individual needs and preferences. A variety of programmes ensure  perfect drying of a range of materials, including cotton, silk and synthetics, as well as a dedicated woollens programme that is endorsed by Woolmark. The user is also able to adjust the dryness level and benefit from additional options such as timed drying and crease care to make ironing easier.

The new ActiveCare range of tumble dryers boasts a fresh and contemporary design, with a large, easy-access, door that is trimmed with stainless steel for a premium feel. Models also feature a new enlarged, ultra-clear, display with a premium touch-button user interface that makes operation smooth and intuitive.

Jennifer Taylor, Head of Brand, Hotpoint, says: “ActiveCare dispels the myth that tumble dryers damage clothes and are costly to run. Heat pump technology maximises energy efficiency, securing the 8 kg tumble dryer (NT M11 82XB) an ‘A++’ energy rating. Appliances from Hotpoint take care of what matters most, with our new range of ActiveCare tumble dryers taking better care of clothes and reducing lint production and therefore clothes from wearing out by up to 40 per cent1, which is of great importance and benefit to consumers.”

Key features and benefits of the 8 kg Hotpoint ActiveCare heat pump tumble dryer

(NT M11 82XB):

  • Patented ActiveCare technology combines two innovations, to minimise the stress on clothes by up to 40 per cent1
    • Anti-Stress Movements ensure that as the clothes dry, they cling to the side of the drum to minimise chafing and better protect the clothes
    • Perfect Temperature Control closely monitors and precisely controls the ActiveCare tumble dryer’s temperature, to keep it constant and take better care of clothes
  • Anti-Allergy cycle, approved by Allergy UK, effectively reduces and eliminates allergens
  • Dedicated programme for drying woollens, which is endorsed by Woolmark, for complete peace of mind
  • Pre-Iron cycle releases the creases on already dried clothes, which makes them easier to iron. The air is warmed up to 50°C to relax fibres and reduce wrinkles
  • Refresh programme suitable for refreshing clothes by means of fresh air, perfect for when the seasons change and the winter or summer wardrobe needs revitalising. Programme is not suitable for wet clothes
  • Additional dedicated programmes to fulfil a variety of needs include: mixed, eco cotton, synthetics, silk, daily, cuddly toys, duvet, bed & bath, baby, jeans, shirts
  • The Dryness Level is adjustable and the option allows you to choose the level of residual moisture left in the clothes after drying, for easy care and greater protection of your clothes. This option ensures the correct dryness level is reached and your clothes are dried perfectly and carefully every time. The options include:
    • Iron Dry makes the clothes easier to iron immediately after the end of the cycle
    • Hanger Dry is ideal for delicate items that are ready to be hung once removed from the tumble dryer
    • Cupboard Dry ensures clothes are ready to be folded and put away
    • Extra Dry to be used for when clothes are to be worn straight after drying
  • Further options include:
    • Timed drying allows you to set a drying time of your choice
    • Speed + setting reduces the drying cycle by up to 25 per cent2 on a full laundry load
    • Crease Care reduces creasing by periodically rotating the drum at the end of the cycle, for when you are not able to unload the tumble dryer immediately after the cycle has finished
  • Start delay option allows you to delay the start of the cycle
  • Easy cleaning of the condenser filter is achieved by the single ergonomic handle, which makes removing the filter smooth and effortless
  • ‘A++’ energy rating achieved by innovative heat pump technology, which recycles warm air until clothes are perfectly dry, maximises energy efficiency when tumble drying and ensures a saving in energy usage of over 45 per cent3
  • Noise level of 65 dB(A)
  • Spacious 8 kg capacity, taking care of larger loads
  • Dimensions H x W x D: 849 x 595 x 655 mm

For more information on the new range of Hotpoint ActiveCare tumble dryers, and any other Hotpoint appliances, please contact your account manager, or visit the website at