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Nature And Reinvention: At Ecomondo The Circular Design By Lessmore

Nature And Reinvention: At Ecomondo The Circular Design By Lessmore

Ecomondo is the baseline event for circular economy new models (Fiera di Rimini, November, 6-9th). An international appointment with an innovative format getting together the whole branch of the circular economy in a unique platform: from the material and energy recycling up to the sustainable development.

In addition to ecodesign well-known branch Lessmore, the innovative branch Parasacchi Home will be present as well with its piece of furniture and interior design items created from the reinterpretation of  industrial plastic reels. The branch is the result of the connection between entrepreneur Luisa Parasacchi and architect and designer Giorgio Caporaso, brand art director and chief designer.

Revised in their function, in the style and materials thanks to an accurate planning studio directed by architect Giorgio Caporaso, the reels produced by Parasacchi, historic italian company at the top of plastic moulding production led by entrepreneur Luisa Parasacchi, find new combinations being turned into tables, chairs, centrepiece, ornamental vases and supports by distinctive lines. The research is also directed to move the attention towards the environmental impact throughout the introduction of new sustainable fibres and the application of different natural, ricyclable or recycled materials.

Thanks to this mark, Parasacchi Home furnishings have acquired a special place all over the furniture universe, genuine testimonial of a particular industrial re-invention, research and innovation. Essential and clear-cut shapes, multiple unions of materials, research on materials, colours and finishes and different visions allow a great number of combinations without giving up on the practicality and the beauty of the final product. Due to Parasacchi Home furniture, Giorgio Caporaso, well-known designer on account as well of his personal path connected to sustainability and circular economy, proves the push to the change and improvement of Parasacchi company in order to test new solutions and materials able to improve the nature of the products and the relationship between mankind and environment.

At Ecomondo it will be possible enjoying Parasacchi Home furniture and Lessmore creations at Stand 026 – Pavilion B2, were visitors and guests are going to find tables and seats built in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and other furniture sets produced by a special compound got thanks to a level of recycled wooden fibre up to 50%. You’ll find tables-reels having a birch multilayered flat surface and other finishing wooden essences and seats-reels integrated by operational and comfortable stuffed and removable pillows.

Moreover, at the stand it will be presented the research the design studio is working on to reach new supplier collaborations to the application of eco-friendly plant-based textile fabrics produced on the basis of a low environmental impact or fabrics obtained by the restoration and recycling of plastic objects which pollute oceans and seas like our Mediterranean.

Parasacchi Home stand wil be a comunicative and welcoming space, enhanced by some famous furnishing carboard-built solutions projected by Caporaso for Lessmore as well as other natural or eco sustainable materials. Moretto, Morettino, cardboard Christmassy trees recyclable and with a possible installation of LED lights,  Varese chair, Twist Chair, X2Chair, More e More-light are just few names now become traditionals in the sustainable design language, a way of thinking inspired by the circular economy, based on the idea of getting new solutions to build a system able to regenerate itself to give the right answer to the sustainable growth. Not for nothing Lessmore creations have got prizes and international rewards proving their classic role all around the ecodesign universe.  

In addition, this year Parasacchi Home and Lessmore furniture have been chosen to furnish the Fair amphitheatre and its stage, central cornerstone of this so important event. Parasacchi Home and Lessmore seats and accessories will enrich this space bringing into the heart of the event the charm of theese furniture and design items which are guided by the circular economy.

ECOMONDO  FAIR – Rimini Fiera/ November 6-9th,  2018  , Pad. B2 – Stand 026  Parasacchi Home & Lessmore