Monday, 10 August, 2020
MR01 Modulo Radiante Is Ecology

MR01 Modulo Radiante Is Ecology

MR01 Modulo Radiante comes from a markedly ecological orientation. Planium intended to design and produce a unique system, able to combine aesthetic beauty and functionality with respect for the environment.

For this technical floor we use only top quality materials, innovative technologies and a knowledge projected into the future. And the future will necessarily need green and clean energy.

MR01 has been designed according to the principles of the eco-friendly project: the module-tile, in fact,

consists of a set of elements assembled together by screws to allow easy disassembling the parts, at the end of the life of the floor, and then obtaining the separation of the individual materials for their recycling.

It is proposed in elegant finishes all in metal, a material with high recyclability and conduction. You can choose between the various catalog steels, smooth, embossed, the interesting Calamine, oxidized textures, then again, bronze, copper, brass.

MR01 Radiant Module is a floating floor with unsurpassed performance. It guarantees the unparalleled thermal comfort of underfloor heating/cooling, using a radiant system integrated into the modules. In the heating phase the reached power touches 100W/sqm.

The speed of low-inertia set-up is its strong point, which is obtained thanks to the only 32mm thickness of the heating package.

The system remains always and precisely accessible: cables and pipes can be inspected at any time; the modules can be repositioned with extreme ease to change the surface aesthetic composition.

MR01 Modulo Radiante is a modern, ecological solution of pure design.