Tuesday, 20 April, 2021
Mixing Hard With Soft: Industrial Luxe

Mixing Hard With Soft: Industrial Luxe

With it’s exposed look, bare fixtures, and raw appeal, the industrial, “loft-style” look has remained popular for many seasons now. The look still remains as strong as ever, however, stylists are also infusing the look with other popular styles.

For example, Industrial luxe. This look combines the exposed factory-like elements with notes of soft sophistication and glamour; forming a contemporary harmony of industrial and mid-century modern style.

The issue most commonly faced with this style, however, is getting the harmony right. Too little luxe and things look out of place, too much and the rooms become overbearing.

To properly incorporate the look, tone down the general colour palette. A muted space will complement the exposed industrial elements in a dignified way while exaggerating the luxe colours.

For a true injection of glamour, opt for a statement-making piece of furniture. Such as the Lennox 2 Seater Sofa upholstered in velvet. In rich shades including forest green, navy blue, and blush pink, this sofa will become the centrepiece of the room.

The velvet sofa also contributes to another key tenant of industrial luxe: texture. The soft touch and sheen balance out the rawness of exposed wood and brickwork.  

Make use of industrial’s exposed metal and wood by pairing it with matching metal-accented pieces, such as stools or tables.

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