Tuesday, 20 April, 2021
MindTheGap: Vintage Linens

MindTheGap: Vintage Linens

Transylvanian design brand Mindthegap launches its first fabric collection, Vintage Linens. Inspired by antique textiles and flea market finds, the eclectic 100% natural collection reflects Mindthegap’s unique artistic identity. A world of creativity and free spirit, hand-drawn patterns and motifs are brought to life in rich detail and unexpected colourways, with classic, traditional and contemporary looks coming together to create an encyclopaedic history of art, culture and design. Presented in two stories – Tropical Mood and Nomad – the heavyweight, rustically-textured printed linen is stonewashed for a vintage effect and handmade look.

Rooted in Mindthegap’s diverse ethnic heritage, Nomad is a cultural melting pot of richly coloured folk motifs collected from nomadic peoples around the world. The six patterns encapsulate Mindthegap’s bohemian approach to design, with intriguing combinations including intricate Roma gypsy-inspired birds and florals, Hindustani elephants and explorers and graphic woven patterns from Eastern Asia. Tropical Mood is a collection of six exuberant prints, bringing together flora and fauna from the beaches of Barbados to the jungles of Brazil, where botanical illustrations, large-scale palm leaves and foliage mix with climbing monkeys and perching parrots in a riotous explosion of pattern and colour.

Two different weights of British-made natural linens are suitable for accessories and upholstery, available to order alongside a selection of ready-made pom pom and tassel-trimmed cushions.

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