Monday, 27 January, 2020
Mind Blowing Curved Glass Shower Enclosures – The Latest Innovation From Matki

Mind Blowing Curved Glass Shower Enclosures – The Latest Innovation From Matki

Leading British luxury shower designer and manufacturer, Matki, have announced the launch of a brand new range of designer frameless shower enclosures with a twist, the show-stopping new curved EauZone Plus Radius-20.

The beauty of Matki’s EauZone Plus Radius-20 enclosure lies in its minimal, almost-didn’t-see-it design. Engineered from a single sheet of 10mm glass, expertly curved to achieve an incredible softened edge, with a tight 20mm inner radius, the EauZone Plus Radius-20 is a complete innovation in frameless luxury showering.

Elegance of form and outstanding functionality; characteristically designed with the striking grandeur of 10mm solid Safety Glass combined with the refined proportions and steadfast reliability of the EauZone Plus Hinged Door design, the EauZone Plus Radius-20 stands alone with its uniquely curved style and superior quality finish.

Featuring a vast range of sizes and setups, EauZone Plus is the perfect fit for your bathroom. Enclosures are available with door hinged from the wall or from a hinge panel, closing onto the single piece Radius-20 side panel. Sizes range from 900 to 1600 across the front with a choice of 800, 900 and 1000 Side Panel sizes.

There is also the option of a Wet Room panel, engineered from a single sheet of 10mm glass expertly curved to achieve a softened edge, the EauZone Plus Radius-20 Wet Room Panel is both contemporary and practical; offering a return for extra splash protection, whilst avoiding the need for UV bonds and aluminium corner profiles.

Priced from £3100 for a full enclosure excluding installation. Installation is priced from £700 with the Matki Installations team.

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