Sunday, 31 May, 2020
Mezza Luna Cemento (Concrete) Pendant Lighting

Mezza Luna Cemento (Concrete) Pendant Lighting

Handcraft manufacture, Italian taste, fine materials. 

Mezza luna cemento finish has a pure, evocative and perceptive design. This pendant is realized in Nebulite has a matt and materic outer with a concrete effect.

The inner colors enhance and amplify the light power, combining a smart elegance with the functionality.

Cemento (concrete) is a finish of great material impact, a bridge of dialogue between the external part, made of cement varnish, and the internal one, made of colored Nebulite

Italian artist Oçilunam brings the celestial galaxy into our homes with his italian label In-es.artdesign, with the lunar surface looming large in his creative skies.

The moon’s mysteries are the model for the Luna (moon) lighting collection, constructed of Nebulite, a specially developed material that mimics the uneven, softly luminescent qualities of the moon’s surface.

Balancing an interplay of light and shadow with a carefully selected contrast of internal and external materials, these lamps’ reinterpretation of the moon has made a splash across the international design scene.

A mix of art and design, to illuminate even the darkest night.

Measures: Ø 70 cm e Ø 120 cm