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Ligne Roset – Creations, Issues And Reissues

Ligne Roset – Creations, Issues And Reissues

Image Above: Bonnie armchair from £2140 and sofa from £3193, Gavrinis 3 rug £1203. All Pierre Paulin for Ligne Roset

“My seating? It must, like a rock, be one with the ground. A single, supple mass, rounded, with no legs or base.” Pierre Paulin

Whether commissioning new designers or working with legends of the design world, innovation, technical savoir-faire and craftsmanship remain  at the heart of Ligne Roset.

When Michel Roset met Pierre Paulin in 2006 it marked the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship for the two French families. Bringing together Paulin’s sixty years of design with Ligne Roset’s 150 years of manufacturing expertise, Ligne Roset is now one of the foremost producers of Paulin’s work. Greatly contributing to the discovery – and rediscovery – of Paulin’s designs, nearly 20 pieces spanning the years 1953 to 2009 are available in 70 countries worldwide thanks to Ligne Roset’s international reach.

In 2008, Ligne Roset released a reimagination of Paulin’s 1971 Pumpkin armchair and sofa. The Pumpkin’s success encouraged Michel Roset to work with Paulin’s wife and son on reissuing pieces designed in 1953 for Paulin’s ‘ideal apartment’, a collection of clever, economical furniture aimed at young post-war households. As with the iconic Togo, Paulin’s designs reflected changes in society and new ways of living.

For 2018-2019, reissues include the CM131 chair, the Gavrinis 3 rug and the pearl in Ligne Roset’s new collection, the Bonnie armchair and sofa. Produced in 1975 in such limited numbers that no reference to it could  be found in any publication, Ligne Roset sought out one of the few remaining collector’s pieces in order to study and reproduce it.

Striking in its comfort, the sculptural Bonnie was designed to hug the lines of the human body. For Paulin, who abhorred bagginess, it was essential to create a seat that provided comfort and support, a curved nest in which to lounge and cocoon. Working alongside the Paulin family in order to stay true to the original design, Ligne Roset introduced just two changes. The first, increasing Bonnie’s dimensions to reflect today’s larger body shapes. The second, launching a smoothly upholstered as well as a pleated version – the latter, reflective of Paulin’s original design and the former to allow for an extended choice of fabrics – both constructed from Ligne Roset’s innovative ultra flexible foam.

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