Monday, 6 April, 2020
‘Lifestyle maximisation’ influences today’s cooking habits,  reveals Whirlpool research

‘Lifestyle maximisation’ influences today’s cooking habits, reveals Whirlpool research

New international study finds that cooking is increasingly seen as a lifestyle enabler, with smarter technologies, such as the SmartCook induction hobs, developed to meet the needs of consumers

April 2016 – To mark the launch of its new SmartCook range of induction hobs, Whirlpool has released the findings of an international research project which paints a vivid picture of the growing phenomenon of “lifestyle maximisation” with a qualitative survey. In response to the pressures of modern life, consumers of all types are focusing more on making and taking the time to enjoy the present, and exploring in greater depth the possibilities of  their own life – maximising every aspect of today.

Whirlpool conducted in-depth, one-to-one, interviews to explore a broad range of qualitative insights into people’s relationships with food and cooking, with individuals in Italy (Milan and Naples), France (Paris and Lyon), UK (London and Birmingham) and Poland (Warsaw and Katowice).

The Whirlpool research revealed that there has been an increase in home cooking as a way for people to maximise their lifestyles, a shift that has occurred in part in response to tougher economic conditions and partly due to media phenomena, such as the rise of the celebrity chef. Today, the way we cook and eat, and what we cook and eat, are increasingly important as ways to demonstrate who we are. Food has grown beyond the necessity of eating for survival, and is now an arena for pleasure, and also for experimentation and discovery – both of ourselves and of other cultures.

Food is pleasure

Across the board, cooking is now increasingly seen as a way of expressing yourself, a source of pride and a hobby for those who take the time to cook, even if they if they don’t need to. Similarly, people now see cooking as a creative and fun process, adding personal twists to known recipes, blending different food cultures, and inventing new recipes.

Tradition vs. exploration

Some countries, e.g. Italy and France, show a strong attachment to national traditional cuisine, yet new trends are emerging. The combination of enjoying and discovering world cuisine and fusion food has arrived, as well as revisiting traditional foods with a foreign influence, such as risotto with added spice. Another recent trend sees the adding of a personal touch to a traditional recipe, for example making vegetarian lasagne.

Food is the expression of healthier eating

In further evidence of food being used to enrich lifestyle, consumers are making conscious and well informed choices relating to health as a matter of great importance, with choices of ingredients, recipes and modes of preparation all raised as being important factors in food preparation.

In some countries, this shift towards a healthier lifestyle is now a priority, with people seeking to eat and prepare more homemade food and to consume more fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. Similarly, those surveyed wished to reduce frying as a cooking method and are increasingly looking to healthier cooking methods such as steaming.

Whirlpool’s SmartCook Induction hobs – true lifestyle maximiser

With households of every type looking to maximise their lifestyle, Whirlpool’s new SmartCook range of induction hobs is the perfect solution, even for such a diverse range of needs and desires.

The new induction hobs feature SmartCook technology that includes a wide range of pre-programmed recipes for a revolutionary assisted cooking experience that makes creating delicious dishes beautifully simple. This built-in culinary expertise is perfect for those who want maximum results with the least effort, and the budding hobby chef, as well as the family oriented consumer, will enjoy the ability to do things more efficiently. As well as saving time, the SmartCook feature allows for precision cooking of ingredients, making it easier to focus on results – whether taste, presentation or optimal nutrition. This exciting feature is brought to life through an intuitive touch interface that guides you every step of the way to perfectly cooked food. The high-tech features of the SmartCook hob will engage the gadget-loving or busy consumer, and will also assist more cautious, traditional cooks, to take steps to achieve more than they would ever consider possible.

The new hobs feature SmartSense programmes and temperature sensors which can help monitor the cooking process with precision, so the hob is even more responsive and intuitive, making it simple for even advanced cooks to multitask or perfect a range of cooking techniques and embrace creativity in the kitchen.

The elegant, premium design seamlessly incorporates both touch sensitive controls and the a versatile FlexiFull surface. FlexiFull uses eight coils to create a customisable cooking area, which adapts to the size and position of dishes, offering the flexibility to cook anywhere on the hob.

As well as offering a dash of contemporary style to suit any kitchen, the beautiful design of the new SmartCook hobs offer the ideal solution for those who hate cleaning. The tough advanced nanotechnology iXelium glass treatment covers the entire ultra-flat surface, keeping the hob’s surface stain and scratch-resistant for lasting beauty – and easy cleaning.

With innovative features that make cooking easier and more enjoyable, and brilliantly simple ease of use and cleaning, Whirlpool’s new SmartCook induction hob makes it possible to make more of your time, both in and out of the kitchen.