Tuesday, 20 April, 2021

Latest News from Lloyd Loom of Spalding

6 - Babbington

Lloyd Loom of Spalding is proud to produce the finest quality English designed and manufactured Lloyd Loom furniture.   We have an extensive range of indoor furniture, individually handmade, which we still create ourselves using techniques refined back in the 1930s.   We also supply an innovative and hardwearing range of outdoor furniture to grace any setting.

When you invest in Lloyd Loom of Spalding furniture for your home, you are buying products, which are designed and built to last.

The portfolio includes furniture for patios and conservatories, dining and living areas, kitchen and bedroom, bathroom and hallways, as well as garden furniture.

With its reputation for strength and longevity, our furniture sits in many of the finest hotels and restaurants around the world. 

There is a choice of tables to complement all of the chairs, plus a selection of fabrics and cushions, together with a range of 18 weave colours, as standard.   Customers’ own material is yet another option. 

Visit www.lloydloom.com for more information on the full portfolio of Lloyd Loom of Spalding furniture.