Tuesday, 20 April, 2021
KitchenAid Made-To-Measure Worktops And Islands Offer Bespoke Solutions For Culinary Excellence

KitchenAid Made-To-Measure Worktops And Islands Offer Bespoke Solutions For Culinary Excellence

Luxury appliance manufacturer, KitchenAid offers unique, made-to-measure worktops and islands, which can be designed, tailored and fully personalised to meet the user’s exact requirements for space and appliances.

The shape and size of the kitchen worktop or island is bespoke while additional features can be selected, including fully-equipped rear splashbacks, raised edges or rounded corners.

The user can choose the solution that matches their kitchen concept, and then add the components and features needed to turn their vision into a reality. Hobs, hoods, deep induction trays and even integrated sinks can be added to the bespoke kitchen island, which can be finished with wooden accessories, such as a chopping board and knife block.

Stainless steel is used to create KitchenAid’s made-to-measure worktops and islands, which has been specially developed to resist corrosion and the effects of various substances. With low carbon content plus high levels of nickel and chrome, inspired by professional kitchens, KitchenAid’s carefully crafted, brushed stainless steel will maintain its good looks over time.

Being a luxury brand, the creation of KitchenAid appliances and the made-to-measure worktops and islands is a carefully crafted process from start to finish. KitchenAid designers work with professional chefs to create solutions perfect for passionate makers looking to create the finest dishes at home. KitchenAid boasts artisanal quality right down to every last detail, including each knob, button and handle being scrutinised to ensure an ergonomic and easy-to-use design.

Lee Collett, Kitchen Channel Director, KitchenAid, says: “At KitchenAid, we understand that expert home chefs need the correct tools to be able to make special culinary creations. We know that only equipment made with the finest quality materials, ingenious designs and flawless craftsmanship is durable enough to stand the test of time. KitchenAid understands what the luxury consumer needs and that these needs are unique to each individual, which is why the made-to-measure worktops and islands are meticulously crafted with every last detail matching the users’ unique requirements.”

For more information on the KitchenAid brand and its range of major domestic appliances, please contact your account manager or visit the website at www.kitchenaid.co.uk