Tuesday, 20 April, 2021
It’s Time To Think Pink

It’s Time To Think Pink

A shift away from bland interiors has led to the rise of pink. This trending colour was once seen as a no-go, but now, it’s bringing a plethora of emotion and atmosphere into the contemporary home. 

Homeowners and designers have become adventurous with their interiors in recent years, moving towards colour and pattern. In particular, pink. Once seen as a colour that was too frivolous, too girly, and not smart enough for the design world – pink soon became the forbidden fruit for boundary-pushing designers. 

With this rise of pink, those negative connotations crumbled away. It’s no surprise either, pink is a wonderfully versatile colour. It can create a range of atmospheres from bold and dramatic to gentle and relaxed. It brings a timeless charm that softens any space.

So to avoid overpowering when bringing pink into an interior, think pale and interesting. For example, consider pairing subtle rosy shades with soft whites and greys or opt for dusky vintage pinks complemented with slate greys, darker blues, and intricate patterns to create a chic look.

Pink works incredibly well with the next big thing trending in the design world, 70’s inspired design. To get the look combine bubblegum pink accent pieces or accessories with deeper browns and khakis. Bold floral prints in pink shades fit the bill perfectly too. 

If bringing pink into the home feels too feminine, juxtapose it with edgier finishes and darker charcoal greys or simply introduce a statement pink velvet chair to give your space a pop of pink without feeling overwhelmed. 

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