Tuesday, 20 April, 2021
Introducing the Moda Aviator Armchair from Cult Design

Introducing the Moda Aviator Armchair from Cult Design

Introducing Cult Furniture’s new Moda Aviator range, the latest collection from their in-house design studio, Cult Design.

A chair that can sit at home with all kinds of décor, the Moda Aviator brings a hint of military aviation history to any home office, living room or kitchen As with the entire Cult Design Moda range, the Aviator consists of 6 unique designs, enabling you to choose from 3 colours that can be mixed and matched with 3 different bases.

The Aviator Armchair has a sleek silhouette, inspired by the iconic designs of Charles & Ray Eames and fresh contemporary furniture from Scandinavia. That special base showcases Cult Design’s innovative, patented bracket which can easily be connected to the seat. The seat and shell are made from polypropylene, a strong material that withstands everyday use with ease, does not get damaged easily and provides a comfortable sit, thanks to its ergonomic design. The faux leather lining adds warmth and an element of Nordic luxury to the product.

Cult Furniture encourage you to create an Aviator to suit your style, by picking your favourite shapes, colours and materials. 

1.Cult Design Aviator Armchair CD1: £159

2. Cult Design Aviator Armchair CD2: £159

3. Cult Design Aviator Armchair CD3: £159