Saturday, 28 March, 2020
Introducing The Birchwood And Blackheath Step Stools

Introducing The Birchwood And Blackheath Step Stools

The inimitable vintage step stool is reinvented for the 21st century: smart and practical, with enduring nostalgic appeal, this much-loved household item has come of age.

The stools are made in the UK, using traditional materials and production methods. Their powder-coated steel frames come in 10 colours, fitted with birch plywood steps in blond or black, and tipped with complementary black or white feet. Like the originals, Giggy & Bab stools are built to last and designed to be treasured for generations to come.

Giggy & Bab, affectionately named after two great grand-aunts, is the brainchild of former news producer Juliet Munro. Driven by a long-held desire to start a business producing something stylish and functional, here in the UK, she alighted on the step stool as a product ripe for reinvention having unearthed a battered old original in Wimborne market.

Giggy & Bab launched in 2017 with a limited edition of the sell-out Hornsey stool which is now followed by the Birchwood and Blackheath models – a collection of British design classics fit for the modern home.