Monday, 24 June, 2019
Introducing Besselink & Jones

Introducing Besselink & Jones

Besselink & Jones specialise in the most traditional and unique fine lighting of the highest quality. Besselink & Jones have continued to grow in size and character for over fifty years and are therefore experts in creating the most exquisite lighting.  Jack Cadman and Hank Besselink collaborated their expertise to develop the most exciting and refined lighting trends and designs. 

Besselink & Jones focus on traditional lighting as well as keeping up to date with modern lighting trends; the company director says; “We are seeing an increasing trend towards classic products and finishes combined with a more colourful less muted lampshade incorporating elaborate touches such as hand painted and gilt finishes.”. Besselink & Jones provide lights that are hand crafted and carved to perfection to maintain a personal and unique experience when purchasing their products.

Besselink & Jones focus on providing brass-turning, bronze, metal plating, wood-carving, hand-painting and colour-matching lighting for homes, hotels and boats. The company director states that many of their lights are used in some of the most beautiful hotels and galleries throughout the world.

With the launch of their new brochure this coming autumn, Besselink & Jones focus on showing 300 of their most popular products, keeping up to date with the newest lighting trends. 


W2-006 Smartie library light: £849.00

H3-013 Nautical lantern:£1115.00

W3-016 Small 2 swing arm round backplate:£409.00

F2-003 Smartie Major 2-arm floor lamp with rail table: £1585.00

T3-034 Small hexagonal tea caddy, hand painted or decoupage: £815.00

W6-017 Library 3-spot halogen bar: £1270.00

W6-009 Denton bathroom light, large backplate: £929.00