Thursday, 24 September, 2020
How To Create The Holiday Feeling At Home

How To Create The Holiday Feeling At Home

Dreaming of a holiday?  The ideal break might be just for a weekend, or even a couple of weeks, but how do you create that gorgeous vacation feeling for yourself?  Getting creative with your own outdoor space will last right through the summer and beyond… 

Once you’ve set up your relaxation area or dining spot, having a twinkling warm white canopy overhead works wonders.  Use these poles as the perfect support if there’s no obvious place to string the lights between. 

Next think about your ground level and which areas look a little dark during the evening.  What better way to create light and warmth than lanterns?  Ultimately, they work best on a firm surface, and cast beautiful shadows.

Place this lovely trio of outdoor TruGlow candles (with fully integrated timer) on your table and you’ll have a glow each evening for 6 hours.  Fully waterproof, too, so you can enjoy all summer long, and if the night feels too cool to sit out, you’ll still be able to appreciate them from indoors.

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