Sunday, 31 May, 2020
Hotpoint Launches Dishwasher Promotion

Hotpoint Launches Dishwasher Promotion

Hotpoint is helping to dispel the myth that washing up by hand is more efficient than a dishwasher, by giving consumers the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of a dishwasher along with a 100 day money back guarantee. If the consumer decides that a dishwasher isn’t for them, they can request a full refund.

The promotion runs from 20th February to 27th September 2019. Retailers will be supported with digital assets, as well as point of sale material, to alert consumers to the promotion. The marketing material is available via their Hotpoint Account Manager.


Research commissioned by Hotpoint found that 42 per cent of participants believed that dishwashers are a waste of energy2 and over 55 per cent further expressed that they do not have enough space for one2. However, dishwashers are known to be convenient, energy efficient and use less water than washing up by hand. Furthermore, a dishwasher is more sanitary as it uses a higher water temperature and potent detergent, which makes sponges, damp cloths and even tea towels redundant.

Both freestanding and fully integrated models are included in the 100 day money back guarantee, to suit all types of kitchen. For example, the brand new freestanding (HSFO 3T223 W X UK) and fully integrated (HSIO 3T223 WCE UK) Hotpoint slimline dishwashers with 3D Zone Wash technology are included in the promotion. The slimline dishwashers boast an ‘A++’ energy rating and measure just 450 mm wide, the same width as a tea towel, so it is easier to fit one into a compact kitchen space.

3D Zone Wash technology delivers breakthrough performance thanks to three additional spray components, alongside Hotpoint’s most advanced motor yet, to efficiently remove stubborn baked-on food without increasing water consumption. What’s more, the user can select either a 40 per cent increase in performance3, or a 40 per cent increase in energy efficiency4 – tailoring the appliance’s use to suit individual needs and preferences.

Jennifer Taylor, Head of Brand, Hotpoint, says: “Dishwasher ownership in the UK remains far behind that of other product categories, as well as lingering behind other markets around the world. We hope that the 100 day money back guarantee will encourage consumers to try a dishwasher, to discover first-hand just how convenient and energy efficient they are, and gain the enormous benefits that a dishwasher delivers.

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