Friday, 24 May, 2019
Hotpoint Launches 4-Door Fridge Freezer With Fully Flexible Interior

Hotpoint Launches 4-Door Fridge Freezer With Fully Flexible Interior

Hotpoint has launched a new 4-door fridge freezer, which offers an impressive capacity, flexible storage solutions and innovative technologies that encourage long-lasting freshness of food.

The Hotpoint Day-1 Active Quattro fridge freezer (HQ9 E1L) benefits from a capacity of 591 litres, effortlessly meeting the storage needs of a multitude of households. Flexible and adaptable storage solutions, such as adjustable refrigerator door balconies and shelves, in addition to removable freezer drawers and shelves, will ensure an enhanced capacity that is easily customised to suit consumer’s needs.

The 4-door fridge freezer also packs a raft of innovative technologies, which ensure the best preservation for both fresh and frozen foods. Features, such as the Super Cool refrigeration and Super Freeze programmes, promote the best storage conditions and reduce avoidable food waste.

Finished in stainless steel with stunning integrated handles for a premium user experience, the clean linear design of the Active Quattro fridge freezer (HQ9 E1L) has been finely crafted and suits an array of kitchen styles and designs.

Jennifer Taylor, Head of Brand, Hotpoint says: “Refrigeration appliances from Hotpoint are designed to enhance every dimension of the user’s relationship with food. With the right cooling appliance, which better preserves ingredients for maximum freshness, consumers are able to reduce avoidable food waste. The Hotpoint Day-1 Active Quattro fridge freezer (HQ9 E1L) benefits from a raft of innovations that help to promote food freshness and ensure efficient storage of ingredients.”

Key features and benefits of the Hotpoint Day-1 Active Quattro fridge freezer (HQ9 E1L):


  • Impressive combined capacity of 591 litres with flexible storage solutions – a big welcome to all of the user’s groceries
  • Two separate compartments, one fridge and one freezer, complete with four individual doors that feature integrated handles for a premium user experience
  • Electronic touch controls allow for precise control at the touch of a fingertip. The key lock feature, when activated, dismisses interaction with the control panel to avoid any unintentional changing of the settings
  • Door open alarm to notify the user when either of the four doors have been left open for two minutes or more
  • Contemporary design with stainless steel finish, complete with a clean design for a modern and elegant look in the kitchen
  • Super silent noise level of 37.5 dB(A), leaving the appliance to go unnoticed while working quietly in the background
  • ‘A+’ energy rating
  • Dimensions: H x W x D 1874 x 909 x 698 mm


  • Generous 384 litre capacity
  • Two height adjustable glass shelves to customise and meet your individual storage needs
  • Two fresh crisper drawers for storage of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Six height adjustable door balconies, which make use of all available storage space within the refrigerator compartment to ensure maximum capacity
  • The Multipower Invertor Compressor rapidly maintains the temperature within the fridge to prevent any sudden temperature fluctuations such as when the door has been opened for an extended period of time
  • Super Cool function increases the refrigerator’s chilling performance – perfect for when the fridge has just been loaded with the weekly shop. Super Cool automatically switches off to ensure the best energy efficiency and minimise running costs
  • Holiday mode automatically sets the refrigerator to 12°C, while the freezer runs at its normal setting; this saves energy while still keeping food items frozen and keeps the fridge cool to prevent the growth of bacteria
  • Internal energy efficient LED lighting for maximum visibility and energy efficiency


  • 207 litre capacity
  • Six separate internal compartments: two shelves and four freezer drawers, two of which feature Super Freeze technology
    • When any of the four drawers are removed, the freezer shelves are exposed to allow for further capacity if required. To allow for even further capacity, the middle freezer shelf can be removed to effortlessly accommodate taller items
    • The two freezer trays allow for easy access to frequently used items and provide the ideal storage of leftovers and smaller items
  • The two Super Freeze drawers encompass a 24 hour programme, which ensures the optimum freezing conditions for when freezing larger quantity of items
  • Freeze Care technology reduces the risk of freezer burn, so frozen food keeps its quality, taste and texture for longer
  • Full frost-free system to prevent the formation of frost. If required, Active Defrost activates to efficiently defrost the freezer and save energy and time

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