Monday, 6 April, 2020

Hotpoint Direct Flame Technology Perfect For Pancake Day

Tuesday 13th February 2018 will see the UK flip an estimated 117 million pancakes1 and Hotpoint gas hobs, with Direct Flame Technology, will ensure they are perfect whether they are thin or fluffy.

Patented Direct Flame Technology applys direct heat to the base of the pan to produce faultlessly even heat across the entire surface of the pan. There are no hotspots or coldspots and every pancake is evenly cooked. 

The direct heat is applied via 420 tiny holes, which prevent energy loss from around the side of the pan, saving up to 20 per cent in energy and cooking time2. Even cooking and minimum heat loss produce  perfect pancakes, so long as they are not dropped on the floor when flipped.

Hotpoint FTGHG 751 DH BK lifestyle hi 1Jamie Oliver, Brand Ambassador, Hotpoint, says: “I love cooking on gas and the control you get, but traditional hobs pump the gas out in a way that sends the heat every which way, including up the side of the pan, which is not great. This is why I love Hotpoint’s Direct Flame Technology – the flames point directly up and hit the pan base with enough acceleration to spread them evenly, so you get no hot or cold spots, just a perectly warmed pan to cook your food evenly and effectively.”

Jennifer Taylor, Head of Brand, Hotpoint, says: “Direct Flame is the most energy efficient way to cook on gas yet. The 420 micro-holes provide the ultimate diffusion of gas for faster cooking without compromising results.”

Key features and benefits of the Hotpoint gas-on-glass hob with Direct Flame Technology (FTGHG 751 D/H (BK)):

  • Five gas burners: one rapid, two semi-rapid and two standard to accommodate a range of pan sizes
  • Direct Flame Technology ensures perfectly even heat distribution across the entire surface of the pan and saves up to 20 per cent in energy and cooking time2
  • Robust and durable cast iron pan supports 
  • Auto ignition for single handed ease of use and convenience
  • Flame failure device for total safety
  • Sophisticated black glass finish for a contemporary look
  • Dimensions: H x W x D 42 x 750 x 510 mm

For more information on the range of Hotpoint gas hobs, and any other Hotpoint appliances, please contact your account manager, or visit the website at