Sunday, 22 September, 2019


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Swish Kitset Pendant from £400.00

Holloways of Ludlow are delighted to showcase in the UK the latest lighting and furniture designs from world-renowned designer, David Trubridge. David’s organic lighting and furniture creations are all designed and manufactured in his New Zealand-based workshop and were originally inspired by his personal sailing experience across the Pacific to New Zealand. Since then, his love and passion of his local environment has led him to design and locally manufacture further ranges of organic lights and furniture that have been sourced from sustainably managed bamboo and timber plantations.

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Hush Light showing LED lights


New for 2014 is the new Hush light, that was developed by French designer, Marion Courtillé at David Trubridge. Combining both a light source and an acoustic device, the Hush Light is available in a Round and Oval shape and features a large enveloping canopy that contains a constellation of LED lights inside the top. Underneath the light, sound is muted by the absorbent synthetic felt panels that are made from 100% polyester fibres and includes a minimum of 65% post-consumer recycled material. Available to consumers in David Trubridge’s trademark kitset box form, the light can be assembled by the interlocking the shapes with minimal connectors and no tools. The Hush light comes in six different integral colours: charcoal, grey, brown, pistachio green, beige and orange with further colours being launched later in 2014.

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Hush Oval Light – £2,280.00

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Snowflake Kitset Pendant from £1,200

The Snowflake & Swish pendants, which were originally available as a fully assembled light, have been re-constructed as kitset flat-pack pendants for easy-home assembly. Made from natural bamboo, the Snowflake light is available in two different sizes and in 3 different finishes: caramel, black stained bamboo and a natural option, which can be painted in 9 different colours depending on the interior scheme.  The Swish pendant, made from hand-frosted polycarbonate and natural bamboo, is also available in two different sizes and is ideal for those design schemes who want more subtle lighting since the light diffusing panels prevent the glare of the bulb showing through the gaps in the wood.  Available in a natural, caramel and black stain finish.

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Rocking Chair £2,050

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Dondola Recliner £2,595.00

David Trubridge is also delighted to offer the Ruth Rocking Chair and the Dondola Recliner also as flat-pack kitset products. The Ruth Rocking Chair, which was originally introduced by David at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2004, is made from Hoop Pine Plywood and American Ash slats and is one of David’s signature furniture examples. The Dondola Recliner is an outdoor feature recliner made from 316 stainless steel and sustainably managed hardwood timber – even the stainless frames have been locally made by an artisan metalworker close to David’s New Zealand workshop!

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Luup Table from £1,090.00

A brand new design to David’s 2014 collection is the contemporary Luup Modular Table design, which is a fully customised table system made from powder coated mild steel and plywood that can transform into different functions depending on the users need. Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.14.22Whether it’s a coffee table or dining table, desk or bar leaner, the beauty of Luup is its flexibility – for example, the user can choose the size of the tabletop they need for their function and then add the legs which come in three heights and four different colours (orange, yellow, lime green or pink). The table can be easily stored as the leg pieces can nest perfectly under the table.

Additional lampshades, basket lights and floor lamps that have been inspired by his love of the natural world are also available in a range of sizes.

Holloways of Ludlow are the exclusive UK distributor for David Trubridge designs. Holloways of Ludlow have four UK retail Showrooms (Brook Green, Richmond and Ludlow). David Trubridge lighting can be ordered through Holloways of Ludlow in-store, on-line or by calling 0207 602 5757/