Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

Holloways of Ludlow Named as Exclusive UK Distributor for David Trubridge Lighting

Specialist fixtures and fittings retailer, Holloways of Ludlow are delighted to announce they have been appointed as the exclusive UK distributor for internationally acclaimed British lighting designer, David Trubridge.

David Trubridge’s organic lighting creations are inspired by his travels across the Pacific to New Zealand, where his local environment and personal experiences underwater, led him to design and locally manufacturer lights using timber from sustainably-managed plantations.

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Kina Pendant Light fro £345.00                                                       Luvial Lamps from £455.00


Koura Pendant Light from £510.00

Key signature designs made from thin flexible bamboo plywood include the ‘Coral’ Light that was inspired by the repeating patterns of ice crystals he saw in Antarctica, as well as underwater coral in the Pacific and the ‘Koura’ Suspension Light, which is the Maori name for small fresh water shrimps.


Wing Lights from £420.00


Ebb Pendant Lights from £1,335.00

Other nature-inspired lighting collections include the playful black and white ‘Ebb’ pendant Lights that explore the silhouettes created with light & shadow and the ‘Luvial Lamps’ whose name comes from ‘alluvial’, which means layers of sand strata laid down by rivers. Other examples include the ‘Sand Shade’ which features patterns cut on its inside, visible only when the light is turned on, resembling braided patterns made by water running across sand.

The ‘Wing’ feature light, which appears to float elegantly in a room, is an ideal choice for above a large dining table or within a larger contemporary space. Based upon David’s interpretation of the Greek myth, Icarus whose story tells us of a boy who flew to close to the sun, the Wing light is lit with two strips of energy efficient, long lasting LED lights that looks particularly striking when lit.

David’s passion for designing beautiful lights of naturally occurring patterns and geometry is reflected in his environmental and ethical approach to design with a social conscience. For example, four of the largest lamps are made from thin flexible bamboo plywood that form part of a flat-packed ‘Seed System’ so the lights can be easily assembled at home or on-site using Nylon clips which in turn reduces the company’s environmental footprint due to its reduced freight volume. These lamps come in up to 9 stock colours but can also be customised to a client’s specification.

Additional lampshades, basket lights and floor lamps that have been inspired by his love of the natural world are also available in a range of sizes.

Holloways of Ludlow have four UK Showrooms (Brook Green, Richmond and Ludlow). David Trubridge lighting can be ordered through Holloways of Ludlow in-store, on-line or by calling 0207 602 5757/