Tuesday, 20 April, 2021
Heavy duty homeware: tap into your industrial side at Hegron de Carle

Heavy duty homeware: tap into your industrial side at Hegron de Carle

Introducing Hegron de Carle, a new furniture boutique specialising in vintage, reclaimed and warehouse style furniture. 

Created by Gavin de Carle and Jean-Pierre Hegron, a former publisher and haute-couture designer, Hegron de Carle’s distinctive aesthetic includes distressed wood, heavy duty iron that showcases antique fixtures and mechanical details. Each piece in the collection has been hand-chosen by the two founders for its individual qualities. 

Hegron de Carle’s Marylebone shop is a treasure trove of quality industrial furniture sourced from all around the world. Many of the pieces are ingrained with traces of their former lives, giving them character in abundance! Storage is a large part of the Hegron de Carle remit, with stunning iron bedside tables, wardrobes, cabinets and media units on display. Smaller items, such as lamps, bowls and vases, perfectly complement industrial interiors.

Industrial furniture doesn’t just look good in industrial, former factory or warehouse homes. Although the quality industrial style pieces offered by Hegron de Carle serve to honour the heritage of these spaces, opt for one or two of the statement pieces to add intrigue to country style dwellings and mirror history in period properties. Warehouse and period properties are spacious by their very nature, and a heavy-duty industrial style sideboard or storage unit serves to break up this space by a central point of focus.