Monday, 27 January, 2020
From Ocean Plastic To Practical Fabric

From Ocean Plastic To Practical Fabric

Window blinds made using recycled plastic now available in UK thanks to Style Studio

Ideal for consumers looking to reduce plastic waste entering the oceans and who want to choose products that are kinder to the planet, a break-through product for the home has gone on sale in the UK this week.

Sea-Tex blinds use recycled shoreline plastic, recovered from beaches, remote coastlines and inland waterways, to create a long-lasting high performance roller blind fabric.

The Greenscreen Sea-Tex range is one of the first window blind using recycled plastic sea-waste to be available in the UK.

The sunscreen blinds can be made-to-measure and fitted in homes across the UK (see for stockists). They’re energy-efficient, helping to prevent heat loss at windows, filter sunlight entering a home, PVC free, fire retardant and recyclable.  The Sea-Tex fabric is semi-transparent and available in five neutral shades.

The new eco-friendly product has already been recognised with Global and UK awards – most recently being awarded Best New Product at a UK blind industry event.

Lorna McAleer from Style Studio says, “Our exciting new product offers consumers a high quality alternative when buying window blinds for their home.

“Plastic pollution is a growing and worrying problem. In the first decade of this century, we produced more plastic than all the plastic ever produced in history up to the year 2000. And unfortunately, every year, millions of tons of that mass-produced plastic ends up in the world’s oceans. In fact, it is estimated that we have six times more plastic than plankton in our oceans!

“It puts the durability of plastic to great use – as opposed to it polluting our seas – while helping to clean up our seasides. A PET bottle, generally the plastic used in this fabric, takes around 450 years to degrade; much better to enjoy this long durability to help to deliver light control and privacy in a home than it destroy our sealife.

“We take plastic waste from coastal locations, rather than deep in the oceans to make this product, because it is the most efficient way to clean them up and avoid damaging the global ecosystems.

“The recycled plastic is then sorted, cleverly processed and spun into Bionic® yarn that’s used within the woven structure of the fabric.

“Fifty per cent of the fabric’s weight is recovered ocean plastic, 125 grams per square metre. This means 500 homes, each with five standard sized window blinds (1.86 sq m), will have removed 580 kilograms of plastic from the shorelines.

“Helping clean up plastic waste is one of the world’s most pressing environmental concerns and, even with small changes like opting for recycled plastic window blinds, we are contributing to a more sustainable world.”

The Greenscreen Sea-Tex range starts at £92 for a made-to-measure window blind (610mm x 610mm). Visit for stockists.